These are the most recent photos added to my website. This portfolio may contain a mixture of wide and macro. My most recent trip was a six day trip to the southern Channel Islands off of Southern California. We visited Santa Barbara Island, San Clemente Island, and Catalina. The highlight of the trip was the shark encounter...more

  All of the images are available for sale. I use
the services of Pictopia to make prints. I send

  There is an enormous amount of written material
on how to shoot underwater pictures. I know, because...more

View this photo (IMP_046.jpg) in the Indo Pacific Macro here

  I can be contacted a couple of ways.
E-mail is probably the easiest at: or through this site at: I can also be reached by phone at (925) 383-8003. This is my cell phone and unless I’m underwater or on the other side of the world, I have it with me.

I welcome any comments, constructive criticisms, or feedback of any kind. I am always curious to hear what other photographers think. I haven’t by any means, got this down…still a long way to go. I will from time to time be posting new pictures to this site and hopefully some improvement will be evident as time goes on.

Purchasing Information

All of the images are available for sale. I use the services of Pictopia to make prints or I can make prints on my Epson R2400 inkjet printer. If you want the prints from Pictopia I will send them the image and they will print just about any size you want and ship it directly to you. They use Fuji Crystal Archive paper and their work is superb. Their LightJet printer will print on either glossy or matte paper at an equivalency of about 4000 dpi. Their turn around time is only a couple of days from the time I send them the image. The cost for prints from Pictopia is $.50 per square inch. The Epson R2400 is the newest inkjet from Epson. It uses UltraChrome K3 archival inks and the published resolution is 5760 X 1440 dpi. It will make prints up to 13 X 19 inches. The cost for prints from the R2400 is $.30 per square inch. The turn around time for these is about 3 days. If you have interest in purchasing any print, e-mail me at: and give me the print number and the size you want. I am not yet set up to accept credit cards so payment will have to be in the form of a check or money order.

Please keep in mind that all of the images are shot in a 2:3 aspect ratio. For example, this means that an image would not fit in an 8 X 10 frame without losing some of the image; you will need an 8 X 12 frame. If you have a specific frame size that does not match the image size, I can crop the picture but some of the image will be lost. I will use my own discretion on the best way to do this unless you have a specific request. Or you can order the 2:3 aspect ratio print and frame and crop it however you want.  Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments.

All of the images on this site are the property of Marc Hannigan and Kelpfat Photography.  Reproduction or other use of the images contained herein, without my express permission, is prohibited.  For information on the purchase or use of the images, contact me at

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